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Bruce Wayne
19 February
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Name: Bruce Wayne
Birthdate: February 19, 1978
Place of Birth: Gotham City
Age: 35
Current Residence: Wayne Manor, Gotham City
Height: 6'2"
Hair: Brown-black
Eyes: Dark-Blue
Canon Point:
A combination of comics and Nolan-verse canon combining aspects of both - disputing aspects of both as well. Film Canon friendly through BB and TDK but major deviations from TDKR.
Open to accepting compatible comics verse from outside of DC as well.


The crown prince of Gotham City, Bruce Wayne is known for his fast living and his philanthropy, not to mention his repeated resurrection from the 'dead' and bouts of unpredictable behavior.
Born to the King and Queen of Gotham society his childhood ended on the night his parents were murdered in the alley behind the Gotham Opera House. In the years that passed Bruce remained a lost soul, unable to connect with people and with little interest in belonging to the preferred institutions of his peers. He seemed to forsake the legacy his parents had left him and the world they had been part of, rebelling against the path that had been prepared for him.
Just shy of twenty-one he left Gotham and did not return for seven years. Traveling across the world he eventually made the acquaintance of Henri Ducard (aka R'as al Ghul) and in the years they spent together Wayne was fashioned as heir apparent to the league of assassins. But once again Wayne would rebel against the path prepared for him and, instead, returned to Gotham, no longer lost, but now certain of what needed to be done.
And so the Batman was born.


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